Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 7 x 2.5 ft

 Here's the original picture the inspiration came from. The image came from one of my sister's friend, Rileigh McKay who took this photograph of her friend Tiffany. When I saw this picture I was in complete awe, and instantly thought..."I've got to paint this!" here it is!

The painting in comparison to the image is a bit different as I created the painting as a commission and the client who purchased this painting is from Saskatchewan, and  fancy's brunettes :)
However the most important part of this painting is that it focuses on a wide open, very calm and collect feeling. I wanted to capture the poise the model has in this image because it is so captivating. The way Tiffany has herself with the guitar in her lap and her head turned with the sun hitting her skin is just so stunning. Also how the flowers and grasses are in focus in the front and the figure blurred in behind gives such a beautiful effect which really releases a very calm feeling when viewing it. 
This is a magnificent photo! So much emotion!
So I hope you love my painting as well! :)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feature Artist: Kristina Laurendi Havens

Kristina Laurendi Havens is an artist from Woodstock, North of Atlanta, in Georgia USA which I found when searching the wonderful world of etsy! Kristina focuses on figure painting in many different mediums such as, oils, pastel, charcoal, and watercolor. I wanted to feature this artist because I am so infatuated with working with figures, especially the curves of a woman and I find myself quite drawn to Kristina's style in her creations, and feel that our styles are similar, I will comment on her photo's below regarding this.
I went through her collection and picked out a few of my favourites, which I hope you all enjoy viewing.
To view more of Kristina's work here are some links below:
Kristina's Blog
Kristina's Etsy Shop
Make sure you take a look at this amazing blog, her top 5 art accomplishments in 2009!
Top 5 art in 2009

 Notice how a lot of her figures are not gazing directly at the viewer, this is the type of figure that I focus on in my creations. It is amazing to find another artist with a similar style!
 There is nothing I love more than the calmness this painting releases. The vivid blues, and complementary reds/oranges attract me the most, then you can see that the figure has all those colors creating a warm yet stand out white! Not to mention the proportions and the drawing it's self is stunning all on it's own, but with color it now pops!
 The lines, the abstractions, and the vivid color in this painting draws me right in. The fact that the figure is somewhat abstracted is only that much more appealing to me, I then appreciate it that much more when I realize there is a figure among all the color and lines.
 So much movement in this watercolor!
 Look at how versatile this artist is!
 This painting is particularly one of my favorites, and I now know why I am so attracted to it because this is a similar style which I would use in my figure works. In my work I focus on a particular part of the figure, eliminating any kind of direct gaze from the figure and focus mainly on the curves and body language which the figure portrays, along with color to direct the intended feeling when viewing the painting. You can see how different the image is from the painting, does it give you a totally different feeling when you look at one then the other?

Beautiful wok Kristina! Absolutely Inspiring!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

MY ART as A Novel's Book Cover!

I painted this book cover just over a year ago for a young 10 year old book author, Celeste Catena. Celeste has been touring around BC to host book signings at book stores such as Chapters, and even giving speeches at different elementary schools as well. Come and meet Celeste at her book signing in Kamloops at Chapters Bookstore on October 16th between 11am-1pm, and see my art on thousands of book covers!
To read more on Celeste's journey's visit her website by
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feature Artist: Nora Karen

Nora Karen is a fashion designer for wedding and signature shoes.
When I first stumbled upon her website I was amazed by her talents, and common now... what more could a woman want than art that travels with you where ever you go! I immediately listed her as a favorite shop and have been keeping up with her new styles all the time.
So I decided that I needed to show all of you her talents, so with her permission I went through her website and picked a few of my very favorites (even though it was not easy as I love them all!)
So here they are! I hope you enjoy!!
To view more of Nora's work she welcomes you to her online boutique of one of a kind paintings on shoes, clothing, accessories and art. You can view and purchase her work on her etsy site by Clicking Here.
You can also contact Nora through a Convo.

Happy Shopping! :)


Acrylic Stain on Canvas
3.5 x 2 ft.

“Defiance" is part of a four piece set that was inspired by our world’s everlasting vintage fashions.
I painted this painting in April/2010 with the desire of creating a pop art type of style. I wanted to make the illustration as realistic and artistic in the brush stokes as possible with a very flat background to exceed the most amount of "pop" when viewing the painting in real. I accomplished this very effect by using a stain technique in the background, and much thicker brushstrokes in the figure. By using these techniques beside each other among the colors I chose it has created much depth in the painting. I am proud to say I am very pleased with these paintings as they turned out just the way I had imagined them! :)

Even though this painting looks like it is a gray scale painting on a pale yellow, it is actually painted with a titanium white, crimson (deep kind of purple-ish red), burnt umber, and phathlo blue to create a black and white look without using black at all. I love painting with color rather than black and white because it adds more depth to the painting, and since it is an image of a human it gives the figure a more realistic and warm appearance than it would if it was painted with the flatness of black.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feature Artist: KChipman Photography

 Katie Chipman Photogrpahy
Katie is a very talented and artistic photographer, her work speaks to you in a way that is breath taking. Since etsy, blogging, attending shows, and finding time in between everything else to create new work has taken over my life I have not been able to keep up with all of the new work other artists have been creating!  However, I just recently got a message from Katie's photography group on facebook about some updates on her website so I thought I better take a look. And I am so happy I did! What a busy bee Katie has been!
I sifted through her photos and chose my favorites to show everyone... fantastic work Katie! Keep them coming! I hope everyone enjoys these pictures as much as I have!

You can view more of Katie's work on her website at:

Or her full collection of photography on her flickr site:

You can also join her facebook group by clicking on the link below to keep up with the latest news with her photography!!/pages/kchipman-photography/140798656412

Have fun!! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Glitsy" & "Glamy"

Acrylic on Textile
32 x 24 in.

Acrylic on Textile
32 x 24 in.

This is the type of painting that I fantasize about. The colors, the style, the flare, the subject, and the medium are all things that make me want to get up in the middle of the night, and skip a steak dinner just to paint!...In theory of course... 
Although it is difficult to tell in the pictures, these two paintings were one of my first textile paintings created with a satin, and a shimmering iridescence type of material!! 
I started playing with fabrics late 2009 and discovered a whole new flare in my creativity. In these particular paintings I layered two types of fabrics on top of each other. The first fabric was a satin fabric in a greyish blue tone, then on top I stretched a very sheen organza material that shimmered gold one way and blue/green/gold when turned the opposite way. As you can imagine it was difficult to capture this type of material and the painted image altogether with a camera... So I hope I have explained it well enough that you can get the right any case it was very intriguing, and especially interesting to paint on! This painting was very much about the brush strokes as the two different fabrics layered upon each other made a very odd textured surface and the paint would get caught underneath the first fabric and a lot of the time create it's own "brush stroke". As soon I started this painting I was floating on cloud 9, creating a mess and not exactly knowing where the painting is headed is when my best skills come into play. There is nothing I love more than discovering something new, and figuring out how to make it Perfect-o! So you can imagine the amount of mess I create on a daily basis. :)
I am very proud to be able to talk about these paintings and have them on display in my blog as they sold quite quickly when they were available for purchase last year. 
The reason why I choose these paintings for my blog tonight is because I have came back to this technique again in the paintings I am working. At the moment I have a few in my studio that are on their way to completion. So stay tuned for more textile paintings!

...However...just to keep your mind wandering here is another one of my textile paintings below, which is a lot different from the two paintings above as this one is a very textural painting on a very sleek, grayish/mauve satin material. I currently (9/29/10) have this painting, along with many others, on display at Awesome Blossom in Kamloops, BC
...Happy Viewing!

Acrylic on Textile
2x1 ft.
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