Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Revelstoke's Vert"

"Art First!" Gallery Opening April 3rd/ 2010
Art First! is a artist run co-op made up of 16 of Revelstoke's best Artists. I am honored to be a part of this co-op and proud to present the opening on April 3rd 2010! With limited space the opening is by inventation only, but is open to the public April 4th!
This painting will be displayed in the gallery among many others of mine. Please come and take a look at what this gallery has to offer! Located in Revelstoke on 1st street right across from Energy Matters.

I also have another opening in Kelowna, April 1st 2010 at 7pm as well. This opening is for the annual U8 show, at the Sopa Gallery. This is a unique show where you will need to get there early as there is a line up down the block because all of the artwork is priced under $800. I will have one large painting displayed so come check out the madness, and support the emerging artists!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Painting

To all you Marilyn Lovers! Introducing - Ecstasy!

Click to Purchase Available Prints of this Painting

Since I painted this painting it has been a favorite to many. Every time it's displayed I receive comment after comment of how wonderful this painting makes people feel when they see it, even after seeing it time after time it still makes people serene and happy! That is the very reason why I originally decided to paint this image. When I found this lovely lady it was an instant "oh ya!" because there is nothing but pure ecstasy in this woman's face, and a very inviting serenity in her composure.
The Technique used for the background is a checkered array of color which I created to add depth to the painting. I wanted the figure to be the focus of the painting, but also some interest in the background to move your eye around the canvas. After I finished this painting I remained excited about checkered pattern and incorporated it into a few of my other paintings as well. You can notice this technique on a few of my paintings used in a few variations on my website: "Sweet Disposition", "Unconditional", "Undefeated", and "Grind".
I am sad to see this painting sold, as it has been as much of a favorite of mine, as it has for all of "Ecstasy's" fan base! :)
However, I am very grateful and excited to see it go to her new owner's home to be enjoyed every day.
Now it's time to paint another painting which creates the same vibe as "Ecstasy" does!

Another beautiful Wednesday, go out and enjoy the sun everyone!

Friday, March 19, 2010

"At Peace"

Hello everyone,
Sorry about the long delay, spring is a busy time for Keishia... traveling, entering into shows, shuffling her displayed pieces around, and of course creating new works... such as the one you see above!
This painting makes me sigh when I look at it, the painting is so peaceful to me. The way you can jump back from the background to the foreground I think is what appeals to me the most. The background was painted in a stain where you are able to see the brush strokes clear as day, yet the colors still blend together because of the painting technique. This technique I think lets the painting flow so well with it's soft and subtleness, where you cannot help but feel good when you look at it. At least that is what I get out of the painting when I view it, and that is how the painting got its name "At Peace". The idea behind this bamboo painting is from my sisters dead bamboo... (How you kill something that only requires water I do not know...) However, I can see why she still keeps them around because the color and textures they have when they are dehydrated are really fascinating. So with a touch of moderation here they are... on canvas! I have this painting display at Awesome Blossom located in the Winners complex in Kamloops, B.C.
For more information on the Awesome Blossom flower shop (which by the way the title of the store really says it all when it comes to the work of the owner! So artistic!):

Again, sorry about the delay on the blogs, but just think of all the new paintings I am getting ready for you to see!

What a beautiful Friday.. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Final Touch
The final varnish of this painting is what gave this painting the visual effect it needed to become what it is. It was really difficult to get a picture that really shows the painting's true colors and dimensions, but no picture of a painting will ever show the true painting. A picture or a print of a painting is just simply not a painting at all.
The painting its self contains of many layers of abstraction. The layers started very muted in color and soft in shape., and to be honest the style of the painting was going a very different way then what you see in front of you. Which is most likely my most favorite part of painting! As each day went by the painting spoke to me differently each day, and therefore a different layer was produced. I like this effect because it leaves a lot of different emotions in the shapes, colors, textures, and flow of the painting, which to me makes it complete. This one is a must see in person, either I am a terrible photographer or I am just trying to get my viewers to go and view my work, but either way you have got to go see it. :) This painting is a bit on the small side, and it has most definitely been an inspiration to do a larger one perhaps with a figure incorporated in it as well.
Now as I had said earlier the final varnish to seal the painting is what made this painting what it is. I wish I had known it would change so much with the particular varnish I was using and had taken a before and after picture for you to see. But what had happened was as I was applying the varnish part of the painting started to burn, sizzle, and evaporate into mid air, which left this pattern that looked like to me... burn marks. As it sizzled (I know how could I make my painting sizzle?) so quickly I stopped suddenly, and then instantly went... "cooooooool..." With that reaction I knew it was indeed a finished piece, and there you have it... "Burnish"

If you would like to view this piece along with ten other of my work visit the Sagebrush Theatre, located at:
1300 9th Avenue, in Kamloops, BC.
Their website is:

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Your on top of the world! Mountain Peaks
I don't know if it's from being from Revelstoke or if it's just cause the tops of mountains are so magnificent but I have found myself drawn to various peaks of mountain tops and thoroughly enjoy painting them! I wanted this particular painting to be solely about the shapes creating movement and color. It is a bit difficult to see the real colors in this picture but with the reds, purples, yellow ochre, and turquoise really makes me tingle, and excites me to paint more! I like how it is not as distinct as perhaps some of my other mountain paintings and when I look back at it I think it has a lot of character with the different flow and textures within.

The name of the painting is from
a picture that was taken by my dad from a point on the rail road about 110 miles from Revelstoke, and Leanchoil is the name of the siding (or location) from which the picture was taken. My dad, as a railroader, and a skier has taken many painting worthy pictures in his time and this was one of many that has caught my eye....which I may add that he takes wonderful pictures which are constantly giving me more ideas for future paintings! I have this painting on display at Energy Matters in Revelstoke, BC but after this weekend I am taking it to donate it to the Chapter show/silent auction here in Kamloops, BC. The show opens on the 15th of April 2010, and runs until the 25th of April. It is located at the Old Courthouse which is now known as the Courthouse Gallery on 7 Seymour Street West. April is a ways away but mark it on your calendar cause there will be a band playing, awards, appetizers, drinks, a silent auction, and of course beautiful art for everyone to enjoy! As it comes closer to the opening I will remind everyone, but until then...I am off to paint!!!

P.S. Does everyone know it is already March? Holy... Where did 2010 go?