Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


(Click To Enlarge)

Don't let this tiny image leave any first impressions with this painting... at a whopping 6 x 2 feet this painting leaves quite the impression when viewed in person. Some of you from Revelstoke, BC may have seen this painting as it is currently displayed at Energy Matters in the window. So you may just know what I am talking about when I say (a lot like I do with most of my paintings ) it is a must see in real. :)
I work a lot with cropped images and am infatuated with magnifying particular sections of the image so size has everything to do with my work and the way it unleashes certain sensations when viewing.
Please come take a look because I am switching this painting up with a new "Blue Lady" by early next week.

Med: Acrylic Stain on Canvas
Size: 6 x 2 ft
Created: Sept/2010

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Happy Holidays!

Keishia Treber