Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feature Artist - Cate Parr

Feature Artist: Cate Parr!

Cate Parr is an amazing watercolor fashion illustrative artist, born and educated in England. She is now currently painting in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

There is no doubt that Cate is an outstanding artist as her work speaks for it's self. Her vivid color combinations and illustrative talents in her brush strokes come together to create many masterpieces. Cate's work has been featured in Magazines such as LONY, Vecu, and even Lucky Magazine!

I find so much grace in the way Cate paints her fashion figures, and in the way her colors seem to play and mold together. The boldness in the figures she chooses is a constant inspiration to my own work, as our tastes are very similar when it comes to painting the female figure. However, her fantastic creativity in the way she paints hair and parts of the body is what I am drawn to the most... There is so much detail to view in her watercolors! There really is nothing better than an artist who is always expanding by letting the intuition explode through layers upon layers of brushstrokes, and this is exactly what Cate has achieved in her art.

Her Original Artwork and Fine Art Prints are much desired and loved on etsy (her online store)

Here are some of my personal favourites of Cate's work.

This one reminds me of how an oil spill looks with all the different colors blending together, so beautiful and graceful!

I thought I had a fave, but I really cannot choose anymore...I love them all!!

It's not very often that you see such vivid watercolor paintings...and with such bold narratives!

Here you have it...Cate Parr Everyone!