Thursday, September 8, 2011

23rd Anuual Art Auction!

 The very popular 23rd annual auction is coming up at the Kamloops Art Gallery on October 1st. 
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It has been such a success for so many years because of their dedication to quality work, and by creating a fun, classy atmosphere with Black&White attire, live auctions, and live music! This year the gallery has invited me to donate a work of significant value. I have donated a 3.5x2 ft Acrylic Stain Painting called 'Sleek'
Don't miss out on this amazing event!

“Sleek” is part of a four piece set that was inspired by our world’s everlasting vintage fashions. For centuries the creativity in fashion adornment has been brought to life by each individual’s own style and grace. This is a constant inspiration to me, and enables me to create my own stylized voice in each gestural stroke, and in the colors I choose. To magnify the depth in this piece I have used a thin staining technique in the background, and thicker brush strokes in the figure which creates a much modernized twist to this vintage fashion.

**The other 3 part of the set are still available to purchase, and will not be part of the auction. **

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